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Aruba Pocket Saver

Blijf in contact met vrienden en familie in uw thuisland! Onze Aruba country saver deal geniet u niet alleen van nationaal en internationaal minuten.

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kies *1530#

Aruba Pocket Saver voor maar €15




Nederland mobiel & Aruba mobiel
Geldig voor 30 dagen
Bestaande klanten,
dial *2087#
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  • Vectone Aruba Pocket Saver (“offer”) allowances are for calls from the Netherlands to mobile/landline numbers in Aruba. Other usage, including calls to premium numbers and usage beyond the offer limit will be charged at standard rates. Offer allowance cannot be used while roaming.
  • Allowances are valid for 30 days.
  • Any remaining allowance after validity will not be carried over into the next period should the customer repurchase their bundle.
  • Vectone reserves the right to replace or amend the offer or these Terms & Conditions or to withdraw the offer at any time.
  • Note that promotional credit (credit which Vectone has given to customers for free) cannot be used towards purchasing a bundle. Also note that customers who subscribe to the Your Country & Netherlands Pocket Saver cannot get Smart Rates till the offer validity expires.
  • The offer is for non-commercial, private, personal use only - Vectone mobile reserves the right to withdraw or suspend the services or to disconnect you without prior notice and with immediate effect if we suspect that offer is being used for commercial purposes, for conferencing, or if it is not being used in a handset (in a SIM box for example), or if it is being used for tethering or any other reason Vectone reasonably suspects that you are not acting in accordance with this policy where we consider that the usage was illegitimate (for instance in case of abusive, unusual or fraudulent usage).

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