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If you joined Vectone before 17 may 2014 you’ll be on our Extra Credit Plan. That means every time you top up we’ll double the credit you buy.

In other words spend €10 and we’ll give €20 of credit, spend €20 and we’ll give you €40 of credit.

You can use your extra free credit for low-cost national and international calls, SMS and mobile Internet data.

So top up at the double now.

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If you joined Vectone before 17 may 2014. You will be on Extra Credit tariff.
Under Extra Credit Tariff, with every top up of €10 you will receive €20 call credit and with every top up of €20 you will receive €40 call credit. Free extra credit is valid only for 30 days from Top up. Free extra credit cannot be used whilst roaming and for calls to premium rate numbers.

If you joined Vectone after 17 may 2014.
In order to benefit from Extra Credit Tariff, you need to switch from Vectone Standard Tariff to Extra Credit Tariff, Extra Credit Tariff comes with different rates from those of Vectone Standard Tariff: EXTRA CREDIT TARIFF RATES.

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