EU roaming charges are changing

High roaming charges are now a thing of the past thanks to changes in the European Union legislation. From 15th June 2017, roaming charges will be the same across the EU as they are at home — which means no more shocking phone bills at the end of your holiday.

Pay As You Go roaming charges

Roaming charges will be the same as at-home rates for Vectone Mobile Pay As You Go customers who use their phone across the EU. For a full breakdown of call, text, and data rates, please see the table below.

Vectone Mobile’s new roaming charges

Netherland and EU landlines €0,06/min
Netherland and EU mobile phones €0,12/min
Netherland and EU SMS €0,07/SMS
Netherland and EU data €0,09/MB
Netherland and EU incoming calls + SMS Free